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Quality policy

Rizenn Homes Ltd is committed to the provision of quality cleaning services to our clients. We will aim to delight our customers with cost-effective, professional cleaning solutions using best practice cleaning methods and standards. All staff are responsible for compliance with the quality management system and for ensuring that all processes are followed properly. Procedures and work instructions are properly executed and that standards are met.

All affected staff shall be trained in the processes they are required to perform. We recruit and train hygiene teams who understand and embrace our values, and support them through respectful work relationships, developing their skills through training and providing them with the best equipment and supplies. The adoption of the quality management system is essential to the continued growth and success of the business.

We carefully select and manage the suppliers of the products that we use in the properties that we clean to ensure that we use the best products that would maintain the surfaces in good condition for a long time. We strive to use only biodegradable cleaning detergents as part of caring for our environment.

We will continually improve our business by establishing an environment that encourages increased efficiency and effectiveness in our products, services and business processes.